Youth-Driven Community Impact

We believe connection happens through authentic communication and working together toward a common goal, that is why we have created Impact Teams within the Wellness Connection.

These Impact Teams are small groups that meet bi-weekly and council members participate in connection activities and projects that raise awareness for our monthly campaigns within their designated Impact Team. The Impact Teams include: Media Outreach, Peer and School Support, Leadership and Education, and Community Engagement.


Leadership and Advocacy

  • Council members work together to identify the needs of TAY (Transitional Aged Youth) in their communities.  Once the needs are identified, they devise an advocacy plan that includes research, testimonials and a mission statement to explain why their ask is necessary to the betterment of the community.
  • Youth then do outreach to decision makers in the community and host presentations to gain awareness and support for their ask in hopes to make the changes they wish to see.
  • Youth are currently advocating for "More mandatory mental health education in the schools" and have met with members of the school board, superintendent Frann Wageneck, Mental Wellness Center board members and  the county BeWell commissioners.

Peer and School Support

  • Council members meet to prepare activities and campaign messaging for their school club meetings.
  • They lead and facilitate club meetings and develop strong leadership skills.
  • Discern which activities help them achieve desired outcomes within their club groups.
  • Promote self-care, kindness and destigmatize mental health among their peers.

Marketing and Community Outreach Team

  • Youth are trained by MWC Marketing director on strategic social media planning.
  • Youth develop social media campaigns that aim to destigmatize mental health and promote education, kindness, self- care and awareness of community resources.
  • Youth work with local partners to raise awareness for mental health.
  • Youth are involved in special projects such as apparel design, fundraising efforts, radio show interviews, blog posts and more!

Wellness Connection Council YAG

  • Youth partner with Adult Allies to ensure that their voices and experiences are included in the development and services of allcove centers.
  • They are passionate about affecting change and connecting with other youth to increase access to mental health care and are working with their Adult Allies to get an allcove center established in Santa Barbara County.
  • allcove is developing an innovative network of integrated youth mental health centers designed with, by and for youth that reduce stigma, embrace mental wellness, increase community connection and provide access to culturally-responsive services.
  • Find out more about allcove at