Embrace Your Voice

The world can be LOUD, and with so many voices competing for attention, it is important to look inward and find your own voice. That is why during the month of April, the Wellness Connection Council’s campaign “Embrace Your Voice,” focused on exploring our own personal stories as a source of reflection, empowerment, and healing. We worked on our “wellness stories” and had the opportunity to share our personal narratives around the challenges we have faced and how we have overcome them and thrived. We learned that sharing our stories can be deeply healing for ourselves, but also for others to learn that they aren’t alone in their struggle. Life can be hard, but daring to be vulnerable invites others to do the same.

On this topic, we were honored to have Grace Fisher, founder of the Grace Fisher Foundation, come speak to us about embracing our voices. Grace, a Santa Barbara local, lives and breathes her mission every day and shared her harrowing story with us.

A few years ago, Grace was on her way to Berklee College of Music as an accomplished pianist and guitar player, but in an instant her life changed. During her 17th birthday party, she fell ill and contracted a rare polio-like disorder called acute flaccid myelitis, which left her paralyzed from the neck down. With her entire world turned upside-down and her hopes of attending Berklee no longer an option, Grace found solace in adapted art and music therapy. Her love for music and the arts inspired her to start the Grace Fisher Foundation which brings adapted music, art, and dance classes for children with disabilities in the Santa Barbara community. Her mission is to create an accessible and inclusive environment for children and families to connect and find healing through the arts. Grace is truly an inspiration and role model. Despite her setbacks, she has found ways to not only heal herself but bring healing and hope to her community. We were so grateful for our time with Grace and hope you are inspired by her mission as well.

Here at the Wellness Connection Council, we want to remind you… YOU matter! Your VOICE matters and you have a STORY to tell. Share it with the world and EMBRACE YOUR VOICE!