It’s Time to Express Yourself

This month at WCC we focused on “Self-Expression” and how it relates to positive mental health. There are so many ways we consciously and unconsciously express ourselves everyday- from the way we dress, to how we speak, who we socialize with, what social media we follow, the activities we participate in, the art we make and view, the music we listen to and the list goes on and on. As a group, council members decided that self-expression essentially is “how we let what is on the inside out for the world to see.”

We want to encourage you to find one new way to express yourself this week! Whether it is speaking your truth, making art, wearing a fun new outfit or accessory, or exploring a new music genre you have been curious about. We found that exploring new ways to express your feelings, your identity, and your curiosity can help you:

  • Develop stronger boundaries.
  • Enhance relationships with yourself and others.
  • Experience a boost of creativity.
  • Conquer your fear and soothe your anxiety.
  • Expand your horizons and ideas of what is possible for yourself

Now go ahead, it’s time to express yourself!