A Day in the Life of a Quarantined Teen

Life as we know it has changed drastically and although we are all going through this pandemic together, we are each having our own unique experience. As teens, we have the stressors of a normal teens life like the pressures of school, extracurriculars and social dilemmas…and now with the additional restrictions and isolation the pandemic has introduced we are just doing our best to just get through each day. 

We have found that the days where we are Zoomed out, stuck inside, binge watching mindless shows that we feel our worst… So we decided to come up with a list of helpful tools to help get us out of our funk and alleviate some of the stress that seems to loom over everyone these days! 

Here are some of our favorite healthy ways to cope:

  1. Listen to relaxing music
  2. Take frequent “brain breaks,” especially during stressful work/homework
  3. Read something for FUN, it’s a great way to go on an adventure without leaving your house.
  4. Get enough sleep, taking short naps during the day to refresh your mind
  5. Keep your space organized and set up a routine that supports YOU!
  6. Draw, journal and express yourself. Get creative!
  7. Talk to someone, check in on a friend or family member.  Get and give support to those you care for.
  8. Meditate and take wellness breaths to slow down
  9. Spend quality time with pets to reduce stress and loneliness.
  10. Explore beautiful Santa Barbara and get out in nature!
  11. Express and document your gratitude, it allows you to see the bigger picture
  12. Exercise/movement increases productivity and improves mood
  13. Have a dance party! It get endorphins flowing and relieves a lot of stress
  14. Self care rituals and disconnect from technology.

Feeling in a rut? We challenge you to pick one or more of these activities to do each day! We know that making time for yourself and your wellbeing can be a challenge but it is truly the gift that keeps on giving! When you are thriving, you are better able to be present and loving to your family and friends and perform better at work or school. We hope these tips help you have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!