Choose Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just a word plastered across your favorite mug… it is a PRACTICE! This month the Wellness Connection has taken a deep dive into what gratitude truly means; what it feels like in the body, what it sounds like and how it can transform the little things in life, into moments of magic. We invite you to bring a little magic into your day, everyday, by practicing gratitude.

Start with CONNECTION! We challenge you to start your day with gratitude for YOU! Each morning, stand in front of the mirror, firmly root your feet and take a wellness breath. Then say “Good Morning, (your name), I love you!” Placing your hand on your heart while you do this gives you added benefits… it releases the happy hormone oxytocin which controls feelings of bonding, love, trust!

Want to watch your gratitude GROW? Make a Gratitude Tree! The idea is that you start with bare branches and each day write something you are grateful for on a leaf and hang it on the tree throughout the holiday season. It is a visual reminder of all the wonderful things in your life and a fun thing for the whole family to participate in!

What you will need:

  • Branches
  • Construction paper OR dried leaves
  • Markers
  • String/Twine 
  • Scissors 
  • A container for the branches (sauce jars, vase, planter)
  • Pebbles, rocks, marbles or something heavy to hold the branches in the container 
  • OPTIONAL: Acorns, pinecones, greenery or anything fun to add for decoration to your Gratitude Tree

Below are some examples of our Gratitude Trees we made during our November Council Meeting and a few ways gratitude is helping us grow this holiday season:

I am growing my connection with my family!

I am growing my connection with my brother.

I am growing my appreciation for the little things!

I am growing my self love and making a gratitude journal!

I am growing healthy habits to improve my mental health and happiness.

I am growing my gratitude for nature.